How to bring 3D into your living room

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The following guide was written while on a work placement in Guardian Money. It was spiked but some of the information might come in handy in the run-up to Christmas so I have reposted it here. All information and prices were correct at the time of this blog post.

Thanks to 3dstereopics of Flickr

The UK faces another telly revolution as the 3D bandwagon begins to pick up speed. Content in the new format is already available by satellite, cable or disc and the BBC has plans to film parts of the 2012 London Olympics in 3D for future airing. And for budding James Camerons, digital camcorders capable of capturing 3D film are now on the market. Getting your living room ready for 3D is not cheap though and there are myriad options so here is our guide to what you need and the costs involved. Read the rest of this entry »